Rutgers University

We visited Rutgers University for their Leadership Week and asked, “What do you want to be remembered for?”

One thought on “Rutgers University

  1. Hey John~

    These are unusually powerful and thoughtful answers, I thought. Do the Rutgers students usually seem outstanding- or is it just me?

    Maybe I shoulda’ gone to Rutgers.

    So grateful for our pretty little tree. Thank you, and thanks for all the work it represents on your end. (I know, I know, you & Karen have help.but just take in the acknowledgement of your own dedication and hard work. Ever impressive :-).)

    It was great to see pictures of Brenna and Jordan on Facebook, and know that your family was (is?) together. Happy times!!

    May the words flow as you write, and may you enjoy your time at home!

    The very best wishes of the Season to you, Karen and the “kids”.



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