Erika Nelson

Erika Nelson is an artist who lives in Lucas, Kansas, a rural plains community of 400 that has embraced its tradition as a hotbed for grassroots arts. After selling all of her possessions, Erika lived and traveled across the country in her vehicle, visiting small arts communities. Her imagination was peaked when she saw a house in Lucas sell at auction for $1,000. What at … Continue reading Erika Nelson

Tyrone Werts

Tyrone Werts served nearly 37 years of a life sentence in Pennsylvania’s Graterford prison after being convicted of second degree murder. In 2010 his sentence was commuted and he was released on March 14, 2011.  While he was in prison, Tyrone says he was shown acts of compassion by people who took an interest in him, which set him on a transformational path which eventually … Continue reading Tyrone Werts

Dad’s hands

I remember the day I took this photograph of my dad’s hands. It was for a story about finding hidden treasure. We found the old box at a prop shop. It was a sort of treasure hunt of its own, crisscrossing the city together…looking for something the right size to fit his hands… the right shape and patina. We stood in the back yard as … Continue reading Dad’s hands