What do you love?

Scene 1: Years ago I interviewed a man named Rahelio in Sedona, Arizona. We climbed the red rocks to overlook a valley for sunset. He played flute. I took pictures, and we talked a little bit about the work he did as a spiritual guide. He said, “Don’t work against what you hate. Work for what you love.” Scene 2: Marcus Buckingham’s book, Now, Discover … Continue reading What do you love?

Retreat repeat

Last year I taught a 2-day retreat at Prairie Oaks Institute with musician Neal Hagberg and facilitator Chris Johnson. It was a pilot of sorts and we weren’t sure what to expect as 15 strangers gathered in the comfortable space together. As we found our rhythm, the result was rich conversation and positive reviews. In fact, the main comment we heard as people headed toward … Continue reading Retreat repeat