2019 review

Some things are hard to measure. Many of the best things in life are difficult to quantify. Happiness. A sense of belonging. Faith. Love. We try. We measure things in dollars and followers and statistics. But when it comes to things of intrinsic value, those numbers often fall short. In my 2010 interview with Marion Vance for my first book, she explained that we need a … Continue reading 2019 review

Harry Williams, Jr.

I am revisiting this interview with Harry Williams, Jr. from February 19, 2010. Harry was and is the Laird Bell Professor of History at Carleton College. Among the courses he teaches are “African American History,” “Black Atlantic History,” which focuses on the relationship between Ghana and the United States, and “U.S. History from 1865-1945.” Harry views the world from what he calls a “tragic conception … Continue reading Harry Williams, Jr.