2015 recap

I’m good at looking forward…not always so good at looking back, so I’ll offer up this year-end review for myself as much as others. Exhibits: We installed 20 exhibits in 9 different states this year. The closest was 4 blocks from my home at Normandale Community College. The farthest was at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. The exhibits ranged in length from one day … Continue reading 2015 recap

Sometimes there are bumps

  For the past month I have been editing through three years of transcripts, refining the stories for A Peace of My Mind’s next book. That stack of binders in the photo needs to whittle down to about 80 pages of text and I’ve been making steady progress every day. The gems of wisdom abound, but there won’t be room for all of them in … Continue reading Sometimes there are bumps

All is Calm

Sometimes wonderful things just happen. With a few days notice, we had the chance to install our exhibit at Everwood Farmstead  in Western Wisconsin last weekend. Their stunning historic barn is home to occasional events built around music, theater and storytelling. On Saturday evening they hosted a unique performance of Theater Latte Da’s  production, “All is Calm.” The play is based on the true story … Continue reading All is Calm

To the presses!

Five years ago we printed the first 1,000 copies of our book, funded by a Kickstarter campaign. They sold out quickly and we used the proceeds to print a much larger order. The challenge of self-publishing is that you also wind up self-distributing. That means a large pallet of books was stored in my home office. At first the stack of boxes was overwhelming, but over … Continue reading To the presses!