Unplugging…plugging in

It’s been two weeks since we left our home in Bloomington. We had a few days of planned down time with family in Wisconsin and then a few more days of unplanned down time when a small college engagement in Pennsylvania cancelled due to last-minute COVID restrictions on campus. During the last two weeks, we’ve learned to slow down a little. We no longer have … Continue reading Unplugging…plugging in


The creative process isn’t always tidy. My office certainly isn’t. Nor is my handwriting. I’ll often vision about project ideas and future plans on a scrap of paper. I’ll tape rough notes to my office wall and see how they hold up over time. Some of them never happen. Others could not be stopped if you tried. As I struggled through packing up 20 years … Continue reading Visioning

A Leap of Faith

My wife just quit her job. Last Friday was her final day working with kindergarten students, a job she started once our own kids were both in school. My schedule as a freelance photographer has always been unpredictable and it worked well for us, knowing she was on the same schedule as our kids. Now both our children are grown and off to college. A … Continue reading A Leap of Faith

Gone, but still with us

Sometimes people touch us for just a brief time, but make a lasting impact on our lives. Some of my best friends live far away. We might not talk often, but I carry them with me through my days, and it does my heart good to simply know they are in the world. I stay in touch with several of the people I have interviewed … Continue reading Gone, but still with us

Another Point of View

Last week was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and on Monday I spoke to 250 educators from the Lakeville School District about A Peace of My Mind and using storytelling to build understanding and community. The exhibit was installed at the Lakeville high school media centers and many teachers brought their classes to engage in different ways. An art teacher had her class sketch the portraits that they were … Continue reading Another Point of View

2015 recap

I’m good at looking forward…not always so good at looking back, so I’ll offer up this year-end review for myself as much as others. Exhibits: We installed 20 exhibits in 9 different states this year. The closest was 4 blocks from my home at Normandale Community College. The farthest was at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. The exhibits ranged in length from one day … Continue reading 2015 recap

40,000 miles for peace

The last story has been recorded. The final portrait has been made. A Peace of My Mind: American Stories has been heard. Now it must be told. In a perfect world, I would have edited these stories along the way. But this is not a perfect world. There are 90 interviews waiting to be edited (the binder you see in the photo is about 1/3 of … Continue reading 40,000 miles for peace