We belong to one another

It’s a fragile web we live on. And now it’s been jostled. In a span of 48 hours this week, my entire month of work unraveled. A college eliminated an engagement as they suspended classes. A conference and rally in DC was cancelled because the participants have compromised immune systems and couldn’t risk exposure. The same thing has happened to my son, who is a … Continue reading We belong to one another

Bearing Witness

What can an ally do? I’m the poster child of privilege. That much should be clear to anyone who meets me. Straight white guy from the suburbs. College educated in middle America, middle-aged living a middle-class life. Married to my college girlfriend for 29 years, 2.0 kids and a cocker spaniel in a 1960s split level. My notion of peace has always been communal. As … Continue reading Bearing Witness