Many of you know that a few years back I had a small cancer scare. As if there is such a thing. I got off easy. We caught the bladder cancer small and early. It was removed  with a brief outpatient procedure—like a polyp in a colonoscopy—and I didn’t even need chemo or radiation. We remain vigilant, with screenings every six months at first and … Continue reading Waiting…

Unplugging…plugging in

It’s been two weeks since we left our home in Bloomington. We had a few days of planned down time with family in Wisconsin and then a few more days of unplanned down time when a small college engagement in Pennsylvania cancelled due to last-minute COVID restrictions on campus. During the last two weeks, we’ve learned to slow down a little. We no longer have … Continue reading Unplugging…plugging in

Ithaca Remote

Over the past few weeks, I’ve produced a series of remote portraits with Ithaca College and gathered stories around the question, “What does community and belonging look like for you in this time of pandemic and protests?” It’s something I’ve thought of a lot lately, as we all learn new ways of navigating the world. As Karen and I leave our home of 20 years. … Continue reading Ithaca Remote

Leaving Little Road

Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane? That’s the question people ask you when you announce that you are going skydiving. And in a sense, it’s what we are doing now. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. We love our community. I can walk across the street and help myself to a beer out of Dan’s fridge whether he’s home or … Continue reading Leaving Little Road