Gratitude and sacrifice

We’ve been talking about how we care for one another this fall…how we lift one another up…how we build relationships that allow all people to thrive. In this season of gratitude, think about how you got where you are today. Who has helped you? Who has encouraged? Are there ways you can do the same for others? At West Virginia University at Parkersburg, we asked, … Continue reading Gratitude and sacrifice

Tony and Jenny Potts

“I think you have to think life…right ’til the end…and then you think eternal life.” I met Tony and Jenny Potts at a Bruderhof community in New York’s Hudson River Valley. The Bruderhof are Christians, living in community…they share resources, faith, and a life-long commitment to care for one another. Tony: We are here to serve others. It’s not a life of getting. It’s a … Continue reading Tony and Jenny Potts


Yesterday was a driving day. From Parkersburg, West Virginia to Richmond, Virginia to pack up an exhibit at University of Richmond. We stopped at a rest area just across the border into Virginia and I looked at the map. “We’ll go right past Charlottesville,” I said. “We should stop and see if we can find the place.” It was just about dusk when we rolled … Continue reading Charlottesville