You can help

It’s time.

We’ve been telling stories for a dozen years. We’ve been working toward this nonprofit model for a dozen months. And now we have the piece of paper. A Peace of My Mind is an official 501(c)(3). And now it’s time to invite you to help us grow. We need your help to do this work and you can offer a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift at this link.

We have a model that works. We have a track record of powerful engagements that bridge divides and build community through storytelling and art. 

Our 2022 goals are bold. It’s time to expand our capacity in order to lead more communities in transformative conversations that rediscover the common humanity that connects us. This involves continued travel across the country gathering more stories, engaging more thought leaders, rebuilding our public engagement schedule, and investing resources to expand our reach.

Despite the pandemic, donors like you believed in our mission and allowed us to spend the past year traveling the country, gathering new stories of people who are finding creative solutions to our most complex challenges. We have explored issues of immigration along our southern borderland loss and environmental degradation in the Louisiana bayou, housing security in Los Angelesreconnecting military families, and Indigenous sovereignty in Minnesota and more. We are incredibly grateful and you have helped create a powerful new body of work. But that work is not done.

We now have the opportunity to further expand our capacity, reach larger audiences and increase our impact. We have ambitious plans and a clear vision for the coming year. Your generosity will determine how far we can go! 

Some of our plans for growth are:

-Build a community of engaged citizens who are committed to deep listening, challenging their own expectations and staying at the table as we seek solutions to living better together.

-Target multiple stories across the country that will illuminate societal trends and amplify voices who are modeling creative solutions to those challenges. We intend to visit a cross-border Mother’s Day initiative, explore water scarcity in the American southwest and work with the Poor People’s Campaign’s call for moral revival, among other powerful narratives.

-Strategically engage with thought leaders at key conferences throughout the year to build awareness of our work among decision makers at a national level. 

-Pursue networking opportunities to enhance our national partnerships and new programming opportunities.

-Expand and leverage an already robust social media presence to grow our audience.

-Improve capacity and technical quality of our weekly podcast and web-based interview content.

-Mentor new voices and add specific technical, outreach and development skills to our team.

-Explore new technologies and platforms for sharing our content and amplifying our message.

Your generosity will determine how far we go. When you give today, you will ensure that we can gather more stories, engage more communities, and amplify voices that need to be heard as we learn to bridge divides and build community.

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