To the presses!

OnPressFive years ago we printed the first 1,000 copies of our book, funded by a Kickstarter campaign. They sold out quickly and we used the proceeds to print a much larger order.

The challenge of self-publishing is that you also wind up self-distributing. That means a large pallet of books was stored in my home office. At first the stack of boxes was overwhelming, but over the years as they sold at exhibits and speaking engagements, the pile became smaller.

It was always an interesting inner balancing act….one part of me would say “Oh, good…the books are selling…the stack is getting smaller.” While the other part of me would say “Oh, no…the stack is getting smaller….I’m going to run out of books.”

I guess when you sell books to sustain a project, running low is a good sign.

So as I look at the last few boxes in the corner of my office, it’s time to go to press again. Our third printing. We’ll print even more this time.

The stories are timeless, A Peace of My Mind continues to find new audiences, and the need for dialog…the need for peace…is greater than ever.

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