Press check

Here’s how the book was looking in the wee, dark hours of the morning today. All the pages have run through the press and are stacked on pallets, waiting to be assembled. I’ve spent much of my career producing images for magazines and newspapers, so there’s something familiar…comforting even…about walking out onto the pressroom floor, smelling the ink and hearing the hum of the rollers … Continue reading Press check


We spent a few days this fall with K-State Research and Extension professionals in Manhattan Kansas and asked, “When have you been inspired to engage with your community?” And this is what people said. What inspires you to engage with your community? Continue reading Engage


Eighteen days at ArtPrize was quite the run! We installed our new exhibit, Lessons on the Road to Peace for the first time at the future site of Silva, currently a gorgeous and raw space. Now that the artists have cleared out, check out what the place will become. We ran a public studio and asked people “When have you found unexpected courage?” I am … Continue reading Courage


One of A Peace of My Mind’s roles in the world is to foster hope. In people and in organizations. There are good folks in the world doing good work and if we can amplify and encourage those efforts, we all do better. We all know it’s tough out there. The world can be discouraging. Sometimes it feels like the challenges of the world are … Continue reading Hope


Well, we’ve all descended on Grand Rapids, Michigan for ArtPrize. More than 800 artists from 15 countries and 30 states are here for one of the biggest art festivals in the country. Maybe the world? I just rolled in from another exhibit and programming in Colorado, so I am feeling the 20 hours of windshield time, but I’m excited for what’s next. I’m not exactly … Continue reading ArtPrize

included or excluded?

This year we partnered with the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) as they were working to build deeper conversations around race and how to be a more welcoming, inclusive community. Dr. King famously said that 11 o’clock on Sunday morning is one of the most segregated hours in Christian America. And as a member of  the ELCA, I can … Continue reading included or excluded?


We’ve been working in North Minneapolis the past few weeks. A partnership with Northside Culture and the Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement. We installed our American Stories exhibit to set the stage for storytelling, then we held several community studios and invited people to respond to the question, “When have you found strength in the midst of struggle?” People shared stories of losing loved … Continue reading Strength