What centers you?

In the midst of life’s storms, what brings you comfort? In the noise of daily life, what delivers calm? When you are feeling uncertain, what returns you to the values that you know are at the core of who you are?

For many of us, the past 16 months or so have been unsettling. Uncertain. As we are pushed and pulled by the news of the world and personal circumstances, it becomes more important than ever to return to your core values. Keep your focus, and carry on.

I’m reminded of Angela Bates in Nicodemus, Kansas, who said, “You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it.”

Life on the road can be enlightening and rewarding. But traveling in a pandemic can feel vulnerable and uncertain. For the past six months, we have encountered new places, new people and new ideas at a breakneck speed. We’ve learned how to live in a trailer. How to chase elusive wifi signals. How to alter our route to dodge extreme weather. It’s all been amazing, but it’s come at such a rapid pace that there hasn’t been much time to process it all.

Nature always bring me back to my center.

Last week we parked our trailer at our Christmas tree farm in Western Wisconsin. There’s no electricity, no water, very little wifi or cell coverage. But there is open space and abundant quiet (with the exception of an occasional Amish buggy clip-clopping along the nearby road).

We turned off the news. Walked the woods. Visited with friends. I caught up on journaling. Spent a decadent amount of time watching the clouds roll across the sky and the changing light dance over the contours of the land. The weight of the world slipped away and was replaced by a renewed spirit.

It was a welcome respite, and now we are ready for the road again. This next leg will be a long one. Headed north to the Apostle Islands and then west. Far west. First stop will be Los Angeles to talk about housing security and then we will work our way up the coast toward Washington by the end of the summer. It’s going to be busy and it’s going to be filled with new learning, but it’s time to go. I can feel it.

3 thoughts on “What centers you?

  1. Seeing your stories has been good. Very hot here. Still having some memory problems. Working on memoir. See my website, lisaalbrechtsocialjustice.com

    Stay in touch. Pre-ordered your new book

  2. John,

    So glad you took time to restore your spirits and commune with nature. Beautiful photos, as always! Sending you hugs, peace and love, Jan


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