I can hear the streets talking

Public projection from John Noltner Photography on Vimeo. For 10 nights, we projected the stories we gathered from the George Floyd memorial. We amplified the voices of the people we encountered. We projected their portraits 20’ x 30’ on the side of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. And we climbed down off the rooftop to have conversations with the people who stopped to look. … Continue reading I can hear the streets talking

Unexpected Courage

When have you found unexpected courage? It’s one of the questions we asked students last week during our residency at the Honors College at Rutgers University.  As the students explored our American Stories exhibit, they met some of the more challenging stories with wonder. “I don’t think I could have done that,” one young man said when he read the story of how Bud Welch … Continue reading Unexpected Courage

Bangkok, Thailand

Sometimes life moves so quickly that we don’t have time to adequately process the events of the day. I’m reminded of wading into rough surf to try to bob in the waves. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself off balance. Before you can even regain your footing another wave washes over you and suddenly it’s all you can do to keep your … Continue reading Bangkok, Thailand

HopeWorks Station

Earlier this month I got to visit HopeWorks Station in Everett, Washington.  An innovative housing project in Snohomish County, it holds the possibility of a permanent solution for some of the people experiencing homelessness in the area. A few interesting facts about HopeWorks Station: -65 affordable housing units from 300-453 square feet -focused on serving veterans, youth and families -all units face inward to a … Continue reading HopeWorks Station

Source of Strength

I was able to spend time with middle school students last week, supporting the school’s efforts to cultivate each individuals sense that they could be a source of strength for themselves and others. I was reminded of Mel Duncan’s quote that “We struggle with a shrunken notion of our own ability. We have the ability to bring substantial change and often we don’t own that. … Continue reading Source of Strength

Lima, Peru

These trips have a been a whirlwind. Nairobi, Kenya in August. Lima, Peru in September. We’re headed to Bangkok in November. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to partner with Good Deeds Day and to see some of the positive work they encourage and support around the world. To borrow a phrase from their website, “Good Deeds Day is a global day that unites people from … Continue reading Lima, Peru

Adams State University

Last week I was grateful to be a part of Title V activities that honored Adams State University’s history as a Hispanic Serving Institution since 2000. We installed our American Stories exhibit, I visited classrooms and led programming. As a part of the week’s engagement, the Title V office wanted to encourage more conversations about race and bridge building. We set up a studio and … Continue reading Adams State University