This spring my exhibit was at Wilmington College, a Quaker school, and home to the Peace Resource Center. At the core of the PRC’s collection is the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Memorial Collection and I had time to visit with the director Tanya Maus and look through their extensive files. I am a photographer, so I was drawn to the many photos in their archive. There … Continue reading Acknowledgement

Kim Book

Kim Book’s 17-year-old daughter, Nicole, was murdered in 1995. She recalls that a year later, at the trial, she forgave the young man who had killed Nicole, and the act of forgiveness opened the door to peace in her life. Several years later, Kim founded Victims’ Voices Heard, a restorative justice program in Delaware that brings victims and offenders together in an effort to find … Continue reading Kim Book

Tyrone Werts

Tyrone Werts served nearly 37 years of a life sentence in Pennsylvania’s Graterford prison after being convicted of second degree murder. In 2010 his sentence was commuted and he was released on March 14, 2011.  While he was in prison, Tyrone says he was shown acts of compassion by people who took an interest in him, which set him on a transformational path which eventually … Continue reading Tyrone Werts