Maybe this time

On Monday May 25, George Floyd was killed by police at the intersection of 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis. Because the COVID-9 pandemic had caused all my programming to be cancelled, I happened to be at home, 11.6 miles to the south. On Wednesday I went to see the site where a small memorial was taking shape and on Thursday returned with an improvised portable … Continue reading Maybe this time


On Wednesday, I went to 38th and Chicago, where George Floyd was killed by police Monday night. Yesterday, I returned with a bare studio kit, set up on the sidewalk and asked a simple question: “What do you want to say?” The memorial on the sidewalk had grown since the day before. The street was now covered in messages of grief, determination and hope. A … Continue reading Listen

11.6 miles from my home

I kept my phone off yesterday. It was a writing day and I’ve been struggling to stay separated from the headlines. Just before dinner, I decided to scroll through social media and saw the news of George Floyd. In Minneapolis. 11.6 miles from my home. I was tired. From a long day. From the steady stream painful news. From social distancing. I thought about turning … Continue reading 11.6 miles from my home


Yesterday was a driving day. From Parkersburg, West Virginia to Richmond, Virginia to pack up an exhibit at University of Richmond. We stopped at a rest area just across the border into Virginia and I looked at the map. “We’ll go right past Charlottesville,” I said. “We should stop and see if we can find the place.” It was just about dusk when we rolled … Continue reading Charlottesville