Forty Days

Forty days is a long time. And it goes by quickly. On Easter morning I set out to walk through the sunrise every morning for forty days in an effort to get reconnected to this place. To get used to life off the road. And to get a good start on our next book and exhibit. Mission accomplished on all fronts. I finished those forty … Continue reading Forty Days

Day 1

Today is Easter. We woke up for the first time in our rented townhome. On a mattress on the floor. After two and a half years on the road…900 days and 93,000 miles…we have our own place again. I’ve been looking far and wide for beauty and I’ve found it. But now it’s time for a new season. We’ve come home to be closer to … Continue reading Day 1

2022 recap

We are settling into a new rhythm.  It’s hard to think of compiling a 2022 recap without it turning into a review of this entire journey. As we come off the road, there’s a lot of processing to do. A lot of planning. A lot of adjusting.  With all the questions swirling about, I am equal parts eager for some clarity and patient for it … Continue reading 2022 recap

Leaving Little Road

Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane? That’s the question people ask you when you announce that you are going skydiving. And in a sense, it’s what we are doing now. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. We love our community. I can walk across the street and help myself to a beer out of Dan’s fridge whether he’s home or … Continue reading Leaving Little Road


Life has seasons, and so does this work. Fall was a busy season on the road, hauling the exhibits and leading programming at colleges and conferences across the country. It was an exciting and robust schedule, but the last run was 30 days and 5,000 miles long. By the time it was over, I was ready for a break. I returned home November 16 and … Continue reading Seasons