Chuck Richter

Chuck Richter is a lobsterman from Orr’s Island, Maine. He says life on the water is hard, unpredictable, dangerous, and tiring, but there is nothing he would rather do. He appreciates living in a small community where “everybody’s got your back,” and speaks of the challenges when outsiders come in and try to change things they don’t understand. “I’ve learned through counseling that if something upsets … Continue reading Chuck Richter

What if?

Earlier this week I made a post on my personal FB page and it got some traction. 150 clicks. A basic feel good story. An example of the general goodness of people. Here’s the post again: “Yesterday I found myself carrying a load of cameras, three blocks from my truck, in a sudden downpour. I moved under a parking lot awning to stay dry. It … Continue reading What if?