Leah Prussia

Leah Prussia grew up in a primarily German-Norwegian family, but as an adult, she embraced her Anishinaabe heritage, as well. Leah holds a master’s degree in social work and works as a college instructor and clinical social worker. She has struggled with depression for much of her life. When she finally found the right combination of therapy, medication, and spiritual practice, she says, “it was … Continue reading Leah Prussia

Heather Ehle

Heather Ehle is executive director of Project Sanctuary, a program designed to help military families heal. With no military background herself, Heather saw families struggling to readjust to civilian life after deployments. She now coordinates retreats, centered in Colorado, to reconnect families and give them support to thrive. Heather describes herself as politically agnostic, which she defines as “having been to Washington one too many times.” … Continue reading Heather Ehle


This is the way things happen. A friend said, “You’ve got to meet a woman named Beth Howard. She has a project called The World Needs More Pie.” It sounded interesting. Beth uses pie baking as a way to connect people…as a way to make peace. She has traveled around the world baking pies in 10 countries. She has delivered pies to a grieving community … Continue reading Pie-deology

Caught off balance

When the news from Orlando came out, I was caught off balance. Two months earlier, one of my daughter’s best friends took his own life. We knew Danny struggled with some depression, so we tried to keep a caring eye on him when he was around. But he spent his last day with our family at our farm…laughing and singing, lounging in the hammock and … Continue reading Caught off balance