Harry Williams, Jr.

I am revisiting this interview with Harry Williams, Jr. from February 19, 2010. Harry was and is the Laird Bell Professor of History at Carleton College. Among the courses he teaches are “African American History,” “Black Atlantic History,” which focuses on the relationship between Ghana and the United States, and “U.S. History from 1865-1945.” Harry views the world from what he calls a “tragic conception … Continue reading Harry Williams, Jr.

Your best self

At Carleton College last week, we asked, “When have you been your best self?” We were hosted by the Office of Intercultural and International Life and on Tuesday, 53 students, faculty and staff stopped by to share their response. You can view the collection in the video below or continue scrolling down to see all of the individual responses. Carleton College 2019 from John Noltner … Continue reading Your best self

Kelly Connole

“A number of years ago I was teaching a seminary course called “Pottery and Proclamation.” One woman had recently lost her partner to cancer and was mourning the loss of someone incredibly important to her.As she learned how to make pots, she decided it would be powerful for her to make a pot to hold her partner’s ashes. There is an understanding in Native American cultures that you’re making pots out of … Continue reading Kelly Connole