It’s one of my favorite questions, “When have you made the greatest impact?” It allows us to remember when we’ve done things right. It recognizes our successes. And it allows us a moment to pause and reflect on when we have been effective, so we can use that as our road map to move forward. More than anything, this question gives us the chance to … Continue reading Montana

Global Citizens

Many of the biggest challenges we face are global in nature. Climate change is a global challenge. Terrorism is a global challenge. Poverty and food security are global challenges. These issues will impact people across borders and will require cooperative effort to resolve them, yet the tools we have to govern policy on a global scale are not strong and trends toward unilateralism will exacerbate … Continue reading Global Citizens

Civil Discourse

In Washington DC last week, A Peace of My Mind set up a studio at the Joint Counsel of Extension Professionals’ Public Issues Leadership Development Conference. The theme of the gathering was Cultivating Civil Discourse, and we asked participants, “How have you cultivated civil discourse in the past year?” Given the tone of our national debate, and tuning into media outlets, my mood can be … Continue reading Civil Discourse