One of A Peace of My Mind’s roles in the world is to foster hope. In people and in organizations. There are good folks in the world doing good work and if we can amplify and encourage those efforts, we all do better.

We all know it’s tough out there. The world can be discouraging. Sometimes it feels like the challenges of the world are bigger than the solutions we bring to the table. But regardless of that thing you are facing…alone or collectively…there is hope.

We spent a few days earlier this month at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. ASU is an HSI, Hispanic Serving Institution, meaning that 25% or more of their student body is Latinx. We were there as a part of their celebration of HSI Week and we asked students, faculty and staff, “In this ever-changing world, what gives you hope?”

Take a look at some of the responses, and leave a comment with your own answer. I’d love to know.

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