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It’s Give to the Max Day and we hope you will consider a gift to A Peace of My Mind to help us grow.

Our programming is self-sustaining. Exhibit leasing fees and speaking fees keep us engaged with communities, leading workshops and installing art, but it is our donor base that allows us to gather new stories and expand our work. A small but mighty core of generous folks help make it possible to go where new stories need to be told.

Some offer a one-time contribution, others give monthly. A few of the donations have a comma in them. One recurring gift of $5 / month makes me smile every time it comes in, knowing this work is encouraged and supported by a crew of good people who believe in the power of storytelling to connect us. To help us see one another in new and transformative ways. To build compassion and resilience. To amplify creative solutions to our most challenging issues. To shift the narrative of division to one of shared humanity.

I am most comfortable wearing my artist and storyteller hat, but I am learning how to wear my executive director hat as well. I know that A Peace of My Mind’s model touches people. I also know that we can do more with your help and I invite you to join the growing community of people who support our work.

We see A Peace of My Mind’s impact everywhere we go. The stories open spaces where people can have thoughtful conversations around difficult subjects. The stories offer encouragement and healing. The stories help communities imagine new possibilities together.

You can always support A Peace of My Mind by donating on our website. But this week you can also support us through the Give MN portal. AND we have a matching gift through Give MN. Every dollar we raise this week will be matched by a generous donor, up to a total of $1,000. Your gift will be doubled.

If you’ve followed our work, if you’ve been moved by our stories, it you’ve seen the world in a slightly different way, we hope you will be a part of helping us grow. Together, we can do big things.

With peace and gratitude,


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