When we sold our house and went nomadic in the fall of 2020, we agreed, “We’ll give it a year and see how it feels.” But after the first few months, we realized a year was going to go by quickly, so we renegotiated and agreed again…”We’ll know when it’s time to be done.”

And now we know. 

As luck would have it, we both knew at the same time. 

This has been a remarkable two years, full of amazing stories, stunning landscapes and eye-opening revelations. It was a life pared down to bare simplicity and even in its difficult moments, we loved it. Every bit of it.

But now it’s time for something new. 

We miss community. We long to be surrounded by family and friends again. 

It’s time to produce a new exhibit from this enormous body of work and the next book is jostling about in my head, asking to be written. That’s all going to be easier to do with some roots in the soil. Easier to do when we don’t have to figure out where we are going to spend each night or how to find a good cell signal to return the day’s emails.  

Even as we are excited to walk through a new door, we grieve the closing of this one. Both things are true. 

There will never be a season like this again in our lives. But not everything is meant to last forever and we are learning to enjoy each new day for what it brings. We are so grateful for the people who have made this journey possible in so many ways. Friends who have housed us along the way, people who have supported A Peace of My Mind in our transition to a 501c3, every individual who has shared their story for no other reason than the belief in human connection…and the many, many…MANY ordinary (but extraordinary) people who have made us feel welcome and at home wherever we happened to be. 

Of course there are bad people in the world, but the good folks outnumber them thousands to one. You can’t convince me otherwise.

We’re not certain exactly what the coming months will look like. It will be a time of reflection, processing and transition to whatever is next. But one thing is certain. This work will continue. 

We will edit and share and produce new stories that remind us of how we are connected. We will lead programming wherever and whenever we are invited. And we will continue to believe that something better is possible. We’re just going to do it…for a time…from a home without wheels. 

21 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Love the image of those tree roots that have grounded you and received nutrition from people & experiences on the journey. They have brought love, joy and wisdom…because you looked for it and welcomed it.
    It’s good to take a peaceful pause for all that’s stirring. Looking forward to reading your reflections in the next book.

  2. I hear WV or Ohio is a beautiful place! I love following your journey and can’t wait to see where you all go next. Send my love from the MOV!

  3. John, there’s a town home in my neighborhood in Bloomington recently for sale! Come on home!

    1. thanks for that Jane! Not sure if we are ready to buy yet….might need to rent or house sit for a while first and make sure we remember how to be stationary… 😉

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