Orlando Peace

As we approach the International Day of Peace on September 21, we returned to our core question for an engagement with the Holocaust Center in Orlando. “What does peace mean to you?”

We installed our original gallery exhibit and we set up our studio for a day to capture the stories of 50 members of the community who were invited in to share their thoughts about peace.

Our plan was to print and include about six of the local stories in the exhibit, but when we saw what people had to say, we decided to print and hang all 50.

If you’re in Orlando, you should definitely check out the exhibit, which will be up through December 4. But if you can’t make it to Orlando, you can see the results here.

Don’t forget to mark the International Day of Peace in some way this year…the world could use your voice. More than ever. Maybe leave a thought here in the comments about how you would answer the question…”What does peace mean to you?”

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