It’s one of my favorite questions, “When have you made the greatest impact?”

It allows us to remember when we’ve done things right. It recognizes our successes. And it allows us a moment to pause and reflect on when we have been effective, so we can use that as our road map to move forward.

More than anything, this question gives us the chance to acknowledge that we all have the power to make a difference. And seemingly small gestures can ripple far and wide in our world.

This month we worked with Montana State University Extension professionals and asked that question. You’ve likely seen a few of the responses online, but you’ll find them all below.

Drop a note in the comments. When have you made the greatest impact in your life?

2 thoughts on “Montana

  1. We’ve made the greatest impact when we ran the HANDS of FAVOR NPO.
    By providing free haircutting & grooming services to the poor and undeserved people in four local counties every month,because we provided mankind’s Greatest need which is real love, agape love, which every man, woman, and child has an inherent need of, but is lacking the farther down the food chain we look.
    The simple act of a haircut, a smile, and a hug or a handshake to the least of these makes an impact beyond d a ything we ever old have imagined, while creating reL and lasting relationships.
    The entire experience gave a road map to what we are involved in presently.

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