Last month we spent time at JRG Middle School in Kimberly, Wisconsin. It was one of the first large in-person programs we have done since the pandemic started and it was good to be with them. A Peace of My Mind is rooted in story gathering, but also in storytelling. So being in community and using these stories to build connections is a key part of the process, and I’ve missed that.

So, a full week with 800 seventh and eighth graders. We installed one of our exhibits in the library and language arts classes visited the stories. We ran opening and closing assemblies. Masked. And we divided the classes in half so they could be spread out in the gym.

It was a part of their Sources of Strength programming, that helps teach ways that students can find as well as offer support to their peers and community.

It’s been a difficult run for all of us in many ways, these past 18 months. But there has been beauty in it, too. We have learned to understand our connections in new ways. Prioritized what is important. Found joy in simple things.

For our studio series at the school, we asked, “Where have you found support in the past year?” And here is what they said:

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