Project Sanctuary

We all carry wisdom on this journey. I’ve heard some of the most profound stories from people who have said, “Oh, you don’t want to talk to me…I don’t have anything special to say.”

We gather little bits of knowledge as we bump along the road of life. In some weird twist of fate, sometimes the rougher the path, the more we learn. And since no two routes are exactly the same, you’ve likely encountered some things that would surprise me. And I’ve likely encountered some things that would surprise you.

It’s that little exchange that can broaden our view of the world. It adds color to a monochrome landscape. It weaves texture and depth into a two-dimensional tapestry. Angela Bates in Nicodemus, Kansas called it “that little bit of energy that we exchange.” And it’s the good stuff.

But we don’t always create the space to have that exchange. Many of us walk through life looking for opportunities to share what we know and to make an impact, but it can be elusive. We don’t always find the chance to share our wisdom, and that’s a lost opportunity. For both sides of the equation. A rich resource, untapped.

A Peace of My Mind was built around the simple question, “What does peace mean to you?” But that question was just a vehicle to explore big ideas. It allowed people to share what was on their hearts. We continue to ask that question, and so much more, as we cross the country.

Last week, we spent time in Stanwood, Washington, at a family retreat for Project Sanctuary. We’ve partnered with them before as they work to heal returning veterans and reconnect them to their families and civilian life.

This time we asked, “What do you want people to understand?”

It’s a broad question, but we wanted people to bring to the table the things that they wanted to share. We wanted to hear what was on people’s hearts.

As we wrapped up the week, I reflected the stories back to the families at their closing dinner.

I’m not a vet, but I have a heart for this community. I have a heart for this work of reconnecting and healing.

There is wisdom all around us. Are you listening?

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