Cry Out

By now, you may have heard that A Peace of My Mind has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Cry Out: Voices calling for radical love and justice in a broken world.

It’s time to gather new stories. But I’ll need your help. Our goal is to amplify the voices of people working at the leading edge of our most difficult challenges. Race, immigration, poverty and more. It’s time to interview people on the ground, working for change. We want to celebrate people who believe something better is possible. The ones who are leading the movements and the ones who are impacted by the issues.

It’s what A Peace of My Mind has always done. You’ve seen it in our books, exhibits and online platforms. You’ve may have seen it in our programming and live events.

Now, it’s time to do more.

I’ve come to recognize that the potential for A Peace of My Mind is bigger than what I can do on my own. So I’m asking for your help. Traditionally, I’m reluctant to do that. But I’ve also come to understand that people want to help. We go through our lives wanting to connect and plug in and make a difference, but we’re not always sure exactly how to do that.

A Peace of My Mind finds stories of hope and transformation. We elevate voices that cry out to be heard. We create content that invites all people to the table and helps them see their own potential as a part of the solution.

We have the tools. We have the platform. We have the deep relationships all across the country that can lead us to powerful stories. And right now, we have the time. But we’ll need your help to get there.

We aim to set out on a journey of discovery, asking difficult questions, meeting inspiring people, challenging long-held assumptions, revealing new possibilities and opening our eyes a little more every day.

How far we go is up to you. We welcome your help. And we invite you to come along for the ride.

Three simple steps if you’re ready to help:

Learn more by linking through to our campaign:

Give, as you are able. Every dollar we raise will go toward gathering new stories and leading important public conversations.

Share with your friends. Help us build a broad community of people who are ready to listen and ready to learn.

Together, we can do big things.

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