Bangkok, Thailand

Sometimes life moves so quickly that we don’t have time to adequately process the events of the day. I’m reminded of wading into rough surf to try to bob in the waves. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself off balance. Before you can even regain your footing another wave washes over you and suddenly it’s all you can do to keep your head above water.

This fall has been a little like that. So many good things, but at such a rapid pace that I haven’t been able to fully appreciate it. I haven’t been able to fully process it.

Thailand was a quick trip. 30 hours of travel time, four days on the ground and 30 more hours of travel…then straight into the harvest of 1,000 Christmas trees (because…somehow…that’s my other job).

I’m not good at resting when I’m on the road. There’s too much to see. So besides the work schedule in Thailand, we squeezed in some time to explore Bangkok. Floating markets, temples, Chinatown. I wound up with a little traveler’s yuck. The temperature change, the unfamiliar food, a busy pace…it all caught up to me.

But life goes in cycles and soon enough, the season will slow down. I’ll find the time to unpack all the experiences and then…I’ll be ready to go again.

For now…without too much commentary…I want to share some of the stories from Bangkok. It was our third engagement with Good Deeds Day, as they gathered leaders and partners from around the world, and we asked, “What inspires you to do good?”

In the process I realized again that what inspires me is the large number of people who are working to make the world a better place. People who work against the odds. People who press on with limited resources. People who believe that each of us can make a difference and people who are convinced that we can all do better. Together.

Those are my people. I’m grateful to know them and I’m happy to introduce you to a few of them here.




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