Source of Strength

I was able to spend time with middle school students last week, supporting the school’s efforts to cultivate each individuals sense that they could be a source of strength for themselves and others.

I was reminded of Mel Duncan’s quote that “We struggle with a shrunken notion of our own ability. We have the ability to bring substantial change and often we don’t own that. We are afraid of that.”

In fact, we can do big things. We can encourage those who need it. We can heal wounds. We can shift culture. We can be allies for those who feel marginalized. We can choose to respond to the challenges around us in love.

As my friend Joe Davis likes to say, “We do best what we do most.”

What will you practice today?

When have you been a source of strength for someone else? That’s what we asked the students and staff at J.R. Gerritts Middle School.


  1. Deb Paget

    John!! WOW!! I am speechless 😶 This is so BRILLIANT and powerful. What a blessing to read what these amazing students, wise beyond their years, had to say. I stand in complete awe of them! Our future is bright! They have inspired me to be the best Deb I can be. They set the bar really high! Once again Thank You for doing what you do. Your work is changing lives and this world. Blessings as you go forward with good courage.

    Thanks for the Training Guide. It arrived a couple days ago. Deb

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