Adams State University

Last week I was grateful to be a part of Title V activities that honored Adams State University’s history as a Hispanic Serving Institution since 2000. We installed our American Stories exhibit, I visited classrooms and led programming. As a part of the week’s engagement, the Title V office wanted to encourage more conversations about race and bridge building. We set up a studio and asked, “What is the unique opportunity or challenge around talking about race at this moment in history?”

We are not always good at conversations about race. In fact, we are rarely good at it. But as my friend Joe Davis says, “We do best what we do most.” So, if we practice, we can do better. Many thanks to the good folks at Adams State University who were willing to come to the table to share their thoughts.

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  1. Throughout history, the human ‘fear of the other’ is used by those struggling for political power to use a scape goat to blame for the current issues. Dividing people through the fear of race, economic and educational disparity, sexual preference, and religion keeps the masses focused on who to blame, not on the real issue at hand.

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