Pledge Purple

Last fall we spent time at East Carolina University as a part of their Pledge Purple campaign against sexual assault. We asked students, faculty and staff, “What do you want your campus to know about sexual assault prevention and education?”

More than one hundred people responded. Two people didn’t want their faces visible. One person didn’t want their photo taken at all. But they wanted to be heard, so it becomes our job to listen.

Healing takes time. Shifting a culture takes time. But we can do both when we honestly face the challenges in front of us and open our hearts and minds to new possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Pledge Purple

  1. Hello John!
    Thank you for this piece this morning..
    Awareness is first step in path to change..
    so thank you for promoting that and giving ppl a place for their voice to be heard.

    In reading this post I’m reminded of another recent one that I’d intended to respond to… I’m very interested in your project of inviting ppl to purchase a portable version of your beautiful work (A Peace of My Mind) that you’ve been traveling all around with…
    do you have any still available? I’d love to find venues to share that in!

    Thank you for the work, the art, the light that you share with the world!!!

    Jody Ziemann

    I learned about “A Peace of My Mind” through your friend, Pete Mayer..
    When he shared abt writing the song “It’s Not Far” to accompany your project…
    I’m so grateful for his beautiful work too!!!
    Have been listening to Catching Rain all month! Hope you have a copy! :-))

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Thanks for the note, Jody.
      I do have Pete’s Catching Rain and love the music.
      If you’re asking about the video we just released, we do still have some available at our “early adopter” discount.
      You can find the video at this link:
      Make sure to select DVD or UBS from the dropdown menu and when you go through the checkout process there will be a box for a discount code. Enter: Leaders
      Our hope is that the video can help encourage conversations around empathy, civility and inclusion in communities all over. I’d be curious to hear back if you use it.
      Feel free to email me if you have any trouble.

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