Listen to the children

peacesignsColorado is nice this time of year. Today, I visited Mesa Elementary School in Boulder and spoke at an assembly for a few hundred students. One first grade teacher returned to her classroom and asked her students to share what they had learned, and this is what they said. Sometimes we make life complicated. These young ones understand things we seem to forget. Maybe they will grow up and sort out some of the mess we big people have created. Teach them well…and don’t forget to listen…
Peace is forgiveness, kindness, trying again, standing up for yourself, hard work, belief in yourself and sharing — Jasmine
Peace is love. Love is hugs. Hugs is kisses. Kisses is peace.  –Anika
Forgive means loving and peace and moving on. — Caleb
I learned from the burned woman that love is in you. –Witter
When I fail, I try again. This is peace. –Jude
Kindness is for everyone, especially bullies. –Sienna
Peace. I remember the bullies. You can walk away, you can treat them with kindness, or if you are not getting bullied, you can stand up for them (the ones getting bullied). –Annabel
I remember to forgive by being kind. — Lila
What does peace mean? Peace is love and love is kindness. –Mia
Walk away from someone that is being mean, or you can be nice to them by playing with them. — Kate
Peace is love and kindness is a solution. –Blake
Peace. Being kind. Be kind to other people like your family and friends. Forgive. Forgiving other people and classmates. Peace is love. Love everyone in the world. — Whitney
What does peace mean? Stand up for kids and for yourself from bullies. –Aes
I remember the person from the fire that encouraged other people.–Emmie
Peace is learning what peace means to me and people around me and trusting people around me. –Arleigh
Learning what peace is: Peace is being positive. Peace is love. Peace is standing up for someone else. Peace is trusting. –Norah
Peace is forgiving people and being kind to people by helping them. –Alex
I remember the bullies. You can walk away and ignore them or you can treat them with kindness. — Clementine
I learned to take tiny steps forward and don’t give up. –Felix
Forgiveness. Peace. Love. Trying again. –Jordan

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