Taylor Bond


Taylor Bond lived the life that he thought was expected of him. He worked as an electrician for 10 years before, he says, he “freaked out,” sold all of his possessions, and bought an RV. Now he lives in Moab, Utah, works for just over minimum wage at a local climbing shop, and climbs rock towers in the desert.

“Everybody wants what they can’t have. The grass isn’t always greener.”

When I’m stressed out, or work’s going wrong, or I’m having trouble with my girlfriend and everything is overwhelming, I get on the rock. When you’re focused on putting your foot in the right position, or putting your protective gear in the right spot, it all just melts away. It’s euphoric. You forget about everything and just focus on the goal at hand. You have to, because if you don’t, you fall.

For me, being peaceful is being generous to people, and being as good a human being as you possibly can be. I try to stay around quality people, so all the climbing people that I’m around are good people. In turn, that makes me happy.

I try to keep myself here in this little world, because the stuff in the bigger world just doesn’t seem to get any better. I can focus on this and control what’s around me. Maybe one problem with the world is that people are not focusing on making themselves better. You’ve got to start on the inside and work your way out.

Life is difficult. Just keep moving forward.

Taylor Bond short audio clip

Taylor Bond full audio

Taylor Bond on a wall outside of Moab, Utah.

Discussion Questions

  • What activity do you enjoy that takes your mind off of everything else? Describe that activity. Do you find it fulfilling?
  • Do you ever find yourself wanting something you can’t have? Why do you want it? How would life be different if you had it?
  • How are being generous and being peaceful related?
  • Do you focus more on what you can control or what you can’t control?
  • Do you live the way you’d like to live or the way you feel like you’re expected to live?

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