Holden Village

socialmedia101For two weeks this month we had one of our exhibits at Holden Village, a remote, intentional community tucked into a beautiful wilderness valley of Washington’s Cascade Mountains.

It’s the third time I’ve been to Holden, and each time I take away new lessons. Each time I decide to stay longer the next time. I don’t think of it as a retreat. Yes, you get away from some of the hectic pace of daily life. You remove yourself from the distractions of social media and technology and return to the simple rhythms of relationship and community. But it’s also a place to renew and reflect. To learn, and strengthen convictions so that as you go back down the mountain, you are prepared to engage the world in new ways.

During our time at Holden, we asked others to reflect on this question: What is our role in protecting and supporting vulnerable people?

Here is a sample of what they had to say. You can find more answers in a gallery on our Facebook page.

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