A Guided Tour

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We continue to add new stories to our website, and new resources to help foster meaningful discussion and dialogue. In case you are new to our website, or haven’t visited in a while, I want to walk you through some of what you’ll find.

When you go to our home page, you’ll find the latest additions of stories and blog postings, and it will look like the image above. The navigation tools will remain the same (at the top of the page and along the left side) but the main image grid will change and update as we add new content. Hover over an image and it will give you the title and post date for the related content. Just click on that image and you will open it. In the example below, I’ve opened Brandon Sheehan’s story:

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Again, the main navigation stays on the page, but now, you have access to Brandon’s story, which leads with his portrait. Scroll down for more.

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Immediately below the portrait, you’ll find a brief biography of Brandon, a short pull quote, and a text excerpt from his interview about his thoughts on peace. As you scroll down, you’ll find our Instagram feed and link on the left side of the navigation.

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Continue to scroll down, and you’ll find audio clips for each subject. Most of our edited interviews are 15-25 minutes long, but I recognize life is busy and we don’t always have that much time, so we have started to include short clips, roughly two minutes, for each person. I’m going to try to post them every Tuesday going forward, for a little feature we’ll call our Two-minute Tuesdays for Peace. That two minute clip should fall right below the text excerpt.

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Below the short audio clip, you’ll often find a little bonus material. In this case, it is a slide show from the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, a shrine outside Arlee, Montana, where Brandon lived and cast Buddha statues to help create the garden. For other stories, there may be a short video, or additional back story on how I met the person, but you will always find that bonus material here, below the short audio clip.

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Below the bonus content, you’ll find a longer version of the person’s audio recording. Our interviews were generally about an hour long, but they have been edited to a 15-25 minute recording for those who want to dig a little deeper. And to take the engagement a step farther, we have offered a series of discussion questions under the full audio. Use the questions for personal reflection, or to lead a conversation with your study group or classroom. The lessons are most powerful when we find ways to apply them to our own lives.

And finally, you’ll find links to comment or share these stories on your own social media. Help us spread the word. Help foster positive dialogue and recognize that we all hold the power to make the world a better place.

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