This will be short

Pardon the broad, sweeping generalizations…but here’s the thing…

If all the non-white people are saying, “um…there are some issues we need to discuss regarding race.”

And all the white people are saying, “Everything is fine…just get over it and let’s move on.”

Then…we might have some work to do regarding race.

If you don’t see it, consider who you are talking to about the issue.

Last week I was artist-in-residence at the Everyday Democracy convening in Baltimore. I set up a portable studio and we asked participants to reply to this question:

“What is the unique opportunity or challenge of talking about race at this moment in history?”

Some of the results are listed below. You can see a full gallery of the 79 portraits on our Facebook page. I’ll be posting one each day to my social media until we get through the collection. A Peace of My Mind continues to be a project rooted in listening.

Keep talking. Keep listening. There is work to do.


4 thoughts on “This will be short

  1. Dear John, When you get a chance, please guide me to access all of the photos taken at Every Day Democracy convening ( Dec 9-10, 2016), including my photo and text( I would like access so I can share with my husband filter friends and network. With sincere thanks and best wishes for a happy new year 2017!!

  2. Your approach using authenyic photogtaphy and text is a profound, progressive tool. It foster’s prosperity in action. Thank you for the chance to engage and share your process with this range of individuals.

  3. This is awesome. I forwarded it to Paul Fanlund, editor of the Capitol Times. He has done a lot to promote conversations about race here in Madison. Google Reverend Gee, whose powerful editorial started it a few years ago. Thank you.

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