Our book update

proofsI owe you a story from our upcoming book, but the deadlines are looming, and I hope you’ll settle for an update for now.

We have 10 days left of our Indiegogo campaign. We have raised more than $10,000 of our $25,000 goal. I just came back from a production meeting with the printer and designer, and as we head into the home stretch, I want to share with you a few things that I believe.

I believe we are better together.

I believe that as the world asks us to focus on what separates us, it becomes more important than ever that we also acknowledge and explore what connects us.

I believe we should honestly confront our challenges, but also celebrate stories of success and hold them up as models for how we can move forward.

I believe in listening.

I believe a small group of dedicated and persistent people can create positive change in the world.

I believe storytelling and art can bridge some of the differences we perceive in the world.

When I talk about A Peace of My Mind, I use words like “we” and “us.”

I am well aware that A Peace of My Mind has grown on the support and encouragement of many others. While I am the founder, photographer, interviewer, author, (as well as the IT guy and custodian) etc, etc, etc, when I talk about the project, I use the words ‘we” and ‘us.” It’s by design…because I recognize I couldn’t have done this on my own.

I’ve had help growing the project at key times, and I’ve had the help of each person who has shared their story with me over the years. A Peace of My Mind is a product of we…not just me. And I need your help again.

Today we made final choices about page count and paper stock. This week I will make final edits to the images and text. Next week our designer will lay out the pages as we work toward our final files for proofing and printing.

We are on track to release the book on Sept. 21, the International Day of Peace, and I can’t wait.

For $25 plus shipping you can pre-order the book.

For $100 plus shipping, you’ll get the book plus your name in the book as a backer.

For $250 plus shipping, you can get a book club pack of 12 books.

And for $500 I’ll also visit via Skype with your book club.

These stories have inspired me…and I know they will inspire you, too. Together we can move a little good into the world. Click here to help.


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