0613Words escape me.

Many years ago, a man said this to me:

“Don’t work against what you hate, work for what you love.”

There’s a world of difference between the two.

As the chaos of our world swirls around us, and some preach hate while others spew anger, I return to the only thing that makes sense to me. A Peace of My Mind will seek out what is good and raise it up as a model of what is possible.

Hate exists, but so does love. As we face yet another senseless tragedy, I resolve to work for love.

I will make eye contact with people I pass on the street.

I will move outside of my comfort zone.

I will reach out to people who grieve.

I will encourage the marginalized.

I will be an ally to those who struggle to feel accepted.

I will accept that I can be a part of the problem as well as a part of the solution.

I will recognize that the actions of one do not represent the beliefs of the many.

I will choose to celebrate our differences.

I will make political choices that make us stronger together.

I will confront hate with love.

I will confront darkness with light.

I will work for what I love.

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