Donnie Phillips

Donnie Phillips in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Donnie Phillips lost his sight when he was 21 years old. He is a disability awareness trainer in Boston, Massachusetts, and also a poet who goes by the stage name of Uncle Third Eye. His spoken word piece called “Blind” is below in text, and in video.

“Shhhh, shhh…
don’t look now but you know there are none so blind as those who will not see
of ignorance they’re guilty and so they will not be
free from rumors lies or misconceptions and why
well because instead of the truth they rely on misinformation
outright deception but guess what
outside the house of truth we all need protection
and indeed knowledge is a blessing
but — and take this as a lesson –
one needs to ask intelligent questions and refrain from guessing
and of course
it’s up to you what you’re going to do so go ahead and do what you do
but whatever you do, keep in mind
eight out of nine times, bigotry and/or a closed mind
serve only to shut down the lines of communication
leaving you and yours in a funky and uncomfortable situation
so I say stifle not that which can be vital information
but rather like the strings of the united nations
just let the conversation flow
for by doing so we may all grow
and you’re not blind yo, so even if you don’t say so
I know you feel the same way bro
right? right?
thank you”

“Love each other. Love your fellow man because just like violence begets violence, I think that love begets love. So let’s love each other.”

Donnie Phillips full podcast:

Discussion questions:

  • If you were a poet, what name would you have? Why?
  • Is there any piece of art (music, poetry, dance, etc.) that has had a profound effect on you?
  • What is it about the arts that has the power to change minds and lives?
  • What obstacles did you/do you have to overcome to find peace in your life?
  • As a way of introducing himself Phillips gives a brief list of “I am” statements. What things are you?
  • What are some disadvantages in your life? Advantages?
  • What do you add to the world?
  • What resonated with you in the piece Phillips shared?
  • Who is someone you have learned from? What important insights did you get from him or her?
  • What creative activities do you take part in? What are your goals for your pieces? Where do you find inspiration?

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